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Google Drive getting smarter thanks to AI revamp

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Google Drive getting smarter thanks to AI revamp Google Drive getting smarter thanks to AI revamp

Google has announced a new interface that uses artificial intelligence to improve the way users find files in Google Drive.


If you use G Suite, whether at home or at work, you likely have access to a ton of files with multiple owners. Thankfully, Google has announced that Drive will now start intelligently organizing the “Shared With Me” section using AI so that file owners will be listed alongside the files they have shared.


Screenshots of the new layout released by Google show Quick Access columns in the top third of the screen with files organized underneath their respective owners, as well as a new general “Shared By” tag for each file in Drive. On mobile, it seems like a similar Quick Access menu will be shown above the recently opened files list.


According to Google, searching for content based on the owner of the file is the most popular way to search for content. Google says it will use artificial intelligence to predict the people and files you are most likely to search for and make them more visible.


The changes are expected to start appearing within the next two weeks. Google also said it is currently working on even more features that use artificial intelligence. These are expected to be announced over the next few months.


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